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Seasonal campers policies

Thank you for making Fox Lake Campground your summer home!


F.L.C. has around 35 seasonal campers that call this place "home". Some of those guests are newer to the campground, while a lot have been coming to Fox Lake for many years, some have been camping here for around 30 years. Friendships have been made and good times have been had! Signed Seasonal Agreements are required for Seasonal guests. 


  • Your camping site includes hookups for water, electric, and sewer.

  • Seasonal units need to have a solid sewer pipe, not the flexible tubes/pipe (per the Department of Health). 

  • One R.V. only on the campsite, no tents. 

  • Incoming R.V.s need to be 10 years old or newer.

  • Campground speed limit is 5 mph. Upon entering the campground, everyone must stop their vehicle at the stop sign across from the store before proceeding at 5 mph. 

  • If you have music playing outside of your camper, on yourself while you are walking around the campground, or have an outdoor T.V. at your campsite, the volume levels need to be at a respectable level. If other campers are having issues with the volume level, you will be asked to turn it down or possibly turn it off.

  • One vehicle per campsite unless authorized by management. Park on your lot only. Please do not park or drive through empty sites or a site fee will apply. Please ask at the Office where overflow parking is located.

  • All R.V.s must be motorized or have a tow vehicle capable of moving the R.V. when and if required.

  • R.V.s must be insured. Drop off insurance proof to the office at the beginning of the season. 

  • Certified firewood is available for purchase at the office. We do not allow uncertified wood into the campground for risk of spreading diseases to our trees.


  • Prior permission must be given by management before washing your camper. No car/truck washing allowed.

  • Golf carts at the campground must have liability insurance on them. Speed limit is 5 mph.

Please click on the following internal links to read the policies that pertain to your stay at F.L.C.:

General Policies & Information




Adult Beverages


Electric Vehicles

Cancellation Policy 

By booking your campsite, it means that you have read through all of the policies and agree to them. If you have any questions or concerns, please email us or call the Office.

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