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  • We take pride in our campground being clean and environmentally friendly.


  • If you see trash on the campground lawn, we ask that you help us pick it up and put it in the nearest garbage container. 

  • Recycling bins are located near the garbage dumpsters. Glass bottles and plastic items will go in the recycling barrels. 

  • There is also a separate bin for aluminum cans to be placed in.

  • You will find three green trash dumpsters spaced throughout the campground. There is one near the Office, the basketball court, and up the hill. There are four plastic garbage containers located along the shoreline and beach. 

  • Campfire ashes go in the black metal half-barrels that are located by the green garbage dumpsters.

Please click on the following internal links to read the policies that pertain to your stay at F.L.C.:

General Policies & Information

Seasonal Campers




Adult Beverages

Electric Vehicles

Cancellation Policy 

By booking your campsite, it means that you have read through all of the policies and agree to them. If you have any questions or concerns, please email us or call the Office.

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