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Fox Lake Campground general policies & info

Hello! Please read over our Policy pages to see if Fox Lake Campground is the right place for your next camping get-away. When you register to camp with us, you have become one of our Guests. 

  • This property is privately owned and operated. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who does not follow and respect our Policies. 

  • Our campground caters to vacationing people and families.

  • PLEASE DO NOT RESERVE CAMPSITES FOR OTHERS. We need the contact info and RV info for each person registered to each specific campsite. The credit card used to book the reservation is charged the full amount of the stay at the time of booking the campsite. If any damages occur during the stay, that credit card is the one that will be charged. If camping guests don't stop by the store to check out, and there is a open tab that has store items on it, that card will be the one to be charged to purchase the store items from their stay. 

  • Customers registering to rent a campsite must be a mature 21 years or older.​

  • Check-out time 2 p.m. Departure after 2 p.m. will have an additional charge.

  • Check-in time: 3 p.m. Please plan your arrival so you can have your campsite setup by dark.

  • Holidays have a 3-day reservation requirement. (Even if you can only stay for two days, a three day reservation is still required.) Weekends - 2-day minimum reservation.


  • One R.V. or one tent per site. Not both. (If you are coming with your R.V. and want to put up a tent, you will need to book another campsite for that tent. Please plan ahead, most weekends fill up way in advanced.) Tents cannot reserve a site that has 50 AMP electric.

  • When you pull into the campground, we usually come out of the store to greet you. We’ll check you in and then hop on our golf cart to show you to your site. For parking your RV - the back row sites are back-in, the middle row sites are pull-through, and the front row is pull-in. We have all RVs facing the same direction - with your RV door on the opposite side of your electrical pedestal. 

  • Incoming R.V.s and Ice Castle Fish House-type units MUST be in good working order and not an eyesore. Campground management has the right to refuse a campsite to any unacceptable camping unit. (Please email or Facebook message management with photos if you're unsure.)

  • No large outdoor rugs. We are a grassy campground. If you must use a small rug, they need to be rolled up each night so they don't kill the grass. (This does not apply to our Seasonal guests.) 

  • Ice Castle Fish House-type trailers: please put wood blocks below the unit so it's not lowered down on the grass.

  • Your camping site includes hookups for water, electric, and sewer. (Primitive tent sites only have a water spigot near by.)

  • One vehicle per campsite. Park on your lot only. Please do not park or drive through empty sites or a site fee will apply. Please ask at the Office where overflow parking is located.​​

  • Each daily campsite comes with a picnic table and an option for a fire ring/portable fire ring.

  • Do not attach anything to trees, electrical pedestals, or hang bathing suits on tree branches. No hammocks from trees. Free standing hammocks are okay.

  • Campers, we require a Sewer Hose Seal that connects directly on R.V. sewer hoses for an odor-proof connection to the sewer pipe. (Trust us, your neighbors will appreciate you for having this!) We usually have some at the campground store if you forgot to bring yours along.

  • If you have music playing outside of your camper, on yourself while you are walking around the campground, or have an outdoor T.V. at your campsite, the volume levels need to be at a respectable level. If other campers are having issues with the volume level, you will be asked to turn it down or possibly turn it off. Please no wind chimes. 

  • Quiet Hours: 10 p.m. to 8 a.m. Children 17 years old and under must be with their parents or guardian.


  • Certified firewood is available for purchase at the office. We do not allow uncertified wood into the campground for risk of spreading diseases to our trees. The wood must be cut within 50 miles of the campground. Campfires must be put out before 12-midnight.

  • Campground speed limit is 5 mph.

  • Loud parties are not allowed.

  • No using generators.

  • No launching of Jet Skis from the campground into Fox Lake. You can pay daily trailer parking ($5 daily fee) to park up top in boat trailer parking.  

  • Fireworks are not allowed (per insurance company).

  • If you have an early morning departure, please hook up your rig the night before to help control the noise of cleaning up your campsite. Campground quite hours are from 10 p.m. to 8 a.m. 

  • R.V.s onsite must be insured. 

  • No camper washing allowed onsite unless approved by management. No on-site car or truck washing. 

Please click on the following internal links to read the policies that pertain to your stay at F.L.C.:

Seasonal Campers




Adult Beverages


Electric Vehicles

Cancellation Policy 

By booking your campsite, it means that you have read through all of the policies and agree to them. If you have any questions or concerns, please email us or call the Office.

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